Micasa performs at soccer star’s troue



November 24, 2016
Micasa performs at soccer star’s troue

COOL: MiCasa on Top Billing on SABC3 at 8pm

Lekkker Thursday julle! That means we can catch up on some bling bling baby and also catch a few movies. So what are you waiting for, let’s get started:

Here’s what’s on Top Billing this week: South African talent is on display as usual, so check out MiCasa playing tunes at the beautiful Joburg wedding of Bafana star Kagisho Dikgacoi and his bride Carina McKechnie.

Speaking of music, the incredible Ice Bar in London will have you singing Ice, ice baby!

Catch Top Billing for, as they call it, The Best of the Good Life. Something for everyone, on Top Billing tonight at 8pm on SABC3.

For more local celebs, and a look at the music that has helped shape their lives, catch Zaziwa – SABC1 at 9pm.

Smaak a movie? Then choose between Ocean’s Eleven, 9pm on SABC3; or All About The Benjamins, 8.30pm on e.tv.

In Ocean’s Eleven, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Bernie Mac star in this fliek set in Las Vegas.

And seeing as pay day for many of us is around the corner we stay on kroon in All About The Benjamins, with Ice Cube and Eva Mendes, about a bounty hunter who teams up with a small-time con artist.

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