Meet the littlest dog doctor



October 11, 2016
Meet the littlest dog doctor

DOG LOVE: Sipho and his gran

Nine-year-old rescues sick hondjies in his township.

This nine-year-old warrior has made it his mission to rescue all sick dogs in the township where he lives.

Young Sipho Ndaliso helps to sweep and mop the enclosures at the Hermanus Animal Welfare to help “pay” for food, collars and medical treatment for the sick and injured hondjies he brings in.

Ilze Smith, chairperson of Hermanus Animal Welfare (HAWS), says their relationship with Sipho started about eight months ago when the child came to their offices asking for a leash and dog food.

The HAWS team got to know Sipho’s dogs, Government, Justice and Police, and thought it’s oulik how he took care of them.

But later they noticed he was bringing many different dogs to the shelter.

That’s when they found out that Sipho was on a mission to save every sick dog in Zwelihle.

Ilze explains: “Sipho rounded up the dogs and their owners in his area, insisting that they come to HAWS and get the puppies dewormed, kitted out with fancy leashes and collars and their health checked.”

And when the little boy realised there were costs involved in caring for the dogs he started doing odd jobs to help “pay” for it, and even got his friends involved.

“The atmosphere just changes and becomes alive when they’re here after school and over weekends,” laughs Ilze.

Takesure Razah, senior kennel worker, adds that Sipho’s involvement boosts everybody’s morale at HAWS: “He helps us by taking out the message to the community to care for their animals.”

Granny Sweetness Khala, 54, says she admires her grandson’s caring spirit.

“He’s always taking care of his dogs. He said he wants to work so he can get food for his dogs,” says Sweetness.

Sipho says Razah is his hero.

“I saw him feeding the dogs in Zwelihle and I want to be like him. I want to be a dog doctor one day,” says Sipho.

HAWS says they can’t afford to keep all Sipho’s rescued animals, and started the Sipho Fund to help raise money.

Visit their Facebook page or contact Ilse on 028 312 1281 if you’d like to help.

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