Meet the Koek Samaritans



October 27, 2016
Meet the Koek Samaritans

BAKER: Salwaa Smith celebrates with little ones. CREDIT: Facebook

Aunties bake free cakes for seniors and arme laaities.

A wonderful group of Cape Flats moms, oumas and aunties are doing their best to make sure that all underprivileged or disabled mense have a lekker cake on their birthdays.

The Cake Angels bake the kwaai koeke for free, their only payment being the joy and pride on the faces of those they help.

Their organisation, called Cakes For Kids — Free Birthday Cakes For Less Privileged Children, was started a year ago after Salwaa Smith, the author of Cape Malay Cooking and Other Delights, and her family felt they wanted to give back to the community who have always supported them.

“I just sent out word to some of my friends and on social media asking people if they were willing to assist and it just took off from there,” explains Salwaa.

“All these amazing ladies and guys who take time out to give back to our poor and needy communities is what this is all about.”

SPECIAL: A decorated themed birthday cake

Salwaa says they bake the cakes on request, and do a little investigation of applicants as well to make sure their koeke don’t end up in the wrong hands.

“We are always busy baking for orphanages, homes, the aged and disabled,” she says.

“(Our bakers) are all really shy and prefer to stay anonymous. This is a blessing for them to give to others and I respect that they do not want to be focused on, but rather just spread happiness with their gifts,” she adds.

One of their many recipients is the Bonteheuwel Disabled Group, who received two gorgeous birthday cakes last month.

Priscilla Jacobs, who runs the daycare recreational facility for about 30 mentally and physically disabled people in Bonteheuwel, says she is grateful to Salwaa and her team, who never disappoints them.

“Last month Kathy Cox turned 55 and she was blessed with a cake, and this month Nathaneal Extraal also received a special cake. That is just two out of nearly 10 cakes we have already received from these women,” she says.

“Our people are so happy to receive such beautifully made cakes and feel blessed beyond measure.”

You can find the Cake Angels on Facebook to put in your special request.

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