Meet D6 Kanala’s newest star

Meet D6 Kanala’s newest star

Anray Amansure, 25, from Rocklands. CREDIT: Manqoba Ngidi

Flats actress. 25, is the latest addition to David Kramer's hit show.

This Mitchells Plain actress’ theatre dream is coming true just months after she met legendary director and producer David Kramer.

Anray Amansure, 25, from Rocklands, is the latest addition to Kramer’s hit show.

“The first week already I knew all my lines for District Six: Kanala and it was like I’ve been here since day one,” she says.

She started out as a dancer and singer but says she fell in love with theatre.

“After matriculating at Mondale High in 2008, I spent a year at the Cape Music Institute and then later in 2011 I went to Spain to be part of tribute shows,” she says.

Anray recently hit the spotlight with a gatmaak video of her and two colleagues, spoofing Beyonce’s hit Irreplaceable in Afrikaans. She says: “It was a blessing because we really never expected it and it wasn’t even the first video that we had made.”

In 2012, Anray left Spain and returned to the Kaap to study acting and TV presenting and this led to her path crossing that of Kramer’s.

“This year March I graduated at City Varsity, and he was the guest speaker. I wanted to talk to him afterwards but I never got the chance,” she says.

She asked her agent to forward her CV to Kramer but there were no openings.

Months later her luck changed and she was called to audition for the role of the narrator in D6 Kanala, and she got it.

Anray says she’s excited about the future. “I obviously want to do more theatre work next year, and I’m also working on my own music and learning to play the guitar,” says Anray.

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