Mayor job? No thanks!



May 20, 2016
Mayor job? No thanks!

CRITICISM: Tony Ehrenreich hit out at fat cat politicians. CREDIT: Ayanda Ndamane

Tony talks about top ANC post, salaries and Zuma.

Tony Ehrenreich wouldn’t mind running for Cape Town Mayor again, but given the choice, he would prefer not to do so.

Ehrenreich was the African National Congress’ pick for mayor five years ago but lost to Patricia de Lille; now he says he would run again if called upon, but would prefer to stay at Cosatu.

He says he believes leaders should not hold more than one position, in order for other capable candidates to also earn an income.

Yesterday ANC Provincial Spokesman, Yonela Diko told the Daily Voice they are still in the process of finalising the candidacy list for the upcoming municipal elections, taking place on August 3.

He says the list would be ready by next week.

Ehrenreich says five years ago both the ANC and Cosatu decided he should run.

“At the time I was not keen to do it but there were instructions to do so,” he says.

“I would stand again if the executive instructs me to, but I would prefer to stay at Cosatu – we have so many problems.”

Ehrenreich was speaking at a media briefing on the progress of his annual salary challenge, where he donates half of his income to social projects.

Tony earns R50 000 per month – R24 000 from Cosatu and R26 000 from the City of Cape Town, as well as some speaking fees.

He again called on Mayor Patricia de Lille and Premier Helen Zille to declare their income.

Zille’s spokesman Michael Mpofu says: “The Premier follows a very disciplined programme of stewardship. And the very essence of stewardship is not to publicise it

While De Lille’s spokesperson Zarah Nicholson says Ehrenreich soek net aandag.

“Before starting this annual media attention-seeking stunt, Mr Ehrenreich must remember that it is also the hundreds of millions of rands of taxpayers’ money from our residents and leaders which is spent on Nkandla.”

Ehrenreich also challenged President Jacob Zuma to disclose his income and expenses.

“That way there wouldn’t be so many questions surrounding his Nkandla home,” he adds.

He also criticised the president and other top dogs for enriching themselves.

“It’s wrong for Zuma to benefit personally and for his family to benefit so much from the state,” he says.

“The ANC is in crisis, we have allowed individuals to enrich themselves, rewarding political allies with positions instead of real, legitimate members who are able to serve their communities.”

Tony also spends 50 percent of his income on social projects, and the past year this included:

  • Improving a car that is available for the HIV/ Aids project at Cosatu.
  • Funding the various activities from the pensioners project that arranges pensioners’ events every second Tuesday of every month.
  • Funding the HIV project transport.
  • Funding sections of the Proudly South African campaign.
  • Funding the protest marches of schools to Parliament to highlight their problems at schools.
  • Funding the school matric camps and making various contributions to the poor school in Uitsig.
  • Funding four people R1 000 a month for their service in the Community and to oversee donations of mine.
  • Giving funds to various donation requests from NGOs.
  • Funding individual requests for assistance.
  • Paying ANC volunteers a stipend when they man the VD stations during registration time in my ward.
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