Mayor in sext scandal



May 27, 2016
Mayor in sext scandal

INVESTIGATE: Memory Booysen.

DA leader denies sex-for-job deal.

The mayor of the Bitou municipality in Plettenberg Bay is hot under the collar after being named in a steamy jobs-for-sex scandal.

But Memory Booysen, who leads the DA/Cope-run council, denies he was part of the ougat WhatsApp chat, which originates from his number, saying he will conduct a investigation into who had access to his phone.

Several MECs, the media and opposition party members were among those copied in on an email, which contained the transcripts of the chat, written mainly in Xhosa.

In the kinky messages, which spans one month from January 15 to February 19, the woman, known only as Pumi, begs for a job at a library.

She asks: “Please can you make a plan? What I can do for you will be big.”

The person’s response of “how big” was met with: “Very, very big. I wouldn’t lie to you. My children are impoverished at the moment.”

The messages contain explicit language and sexual innuendo, referring to how he likes “wet things” like a woman’s “Garden of Eden”.

He practically begs Pumi to send a picture of herself, wearing nothing but a dress, and wants to know if she “still wants” him.

But Pumi maintains she would only do that if she could get a job.

Asked for comment, Booysen said: “I want to categorically state that the alleged texts to Pumi could not have originated from me, even if according to your records, the said texts originated from my mobile number.

“The only Pumi on my mobile contact list is a blood relative, residing in the Bitou jurisdiction.”

He insisted that texts of any inappropriate nature would be “against every personal, moral, ethical and principled belief and values I hold dear to and advocate”. “Now that I’m aware of the existence of these fabricated and/or unauthorised texts generated from my mobile phone, I would conduct an investigation among the various individuals who ordinarily enjoy access to my phone,” he said.

The DA said it believed the allegations, made by piemper known only as Maxwell Jamangile, form part of a broader attempt to discredit the mayor.

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