Mayor in a poepstorm

Mayor in a poepstorm

CONTROVERSIAL: Patricia de Lille and Loyiso Nkohla

Decisions on Nkohla and Smith bite De Lille.

Mayor Patricia de Lille is not doing herself any favours at the moment.

The City of Cape Town has made a couple of staffing moves that have not gone down well with mense at all, especially not loyal DA supporters.

The poepstorm set in when Premier Poo Protester (and new DA recruit) Loyiso Nkohla was appointed “executive support officer” to Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services, Ernest Sonnenberg.

In theory, it’s not the worst idea. It’s like hiring a top hacker to manage your internet security.

You need to be able to think like a cyber criminal in order to combat cyber crime.

Hackers don’t need degrees in computer science to be experts in their field.

Nor did Nkohla have the necessary qualifications in Public Administration, Political Science or Journalism to qualify for a plum post that comes with a R700 000 annual salary.

But that wasn’t the reason the City gave for hiring him.

Here is the official explanation: “As this is a political appointment, there is no advertising requirement… All political appointments are made at the discretion of the office-bearer, with the political knowledge of the incumbent highly prioritised.”

Now, never mind the fact that as a former leader of the Ses’khona People’s Rights Movement, Nkohla and his poo crew were the DA’s public enemy No.1 in the Cape at one time.

Mense went ape s*** that someone without any relevant qualifications could land a R60 000-a-month job for doing nothing but jaaging k** aan.

Pardon all the poo puns.

On the Rek Jou Bek page, dik DA fans voiced their dissatisfaction at De Lille, calling the move an “ANC-style transformation” appointment.

The stench rose all the way to the top and when Mmusi Maimane got wind of it, he k**ked on the Mayor from a dizzy height.

The DA leader laid down the law, saying that because Nkohla still faced charges for dumping faeces, his contract would not be renewed next year.

Messy, nuh?

Yet, this was nothing compared to the backlash De Lille got when she started messing with JP Smith.

The Daily Voice reported last week that the City is planning to axe the mayoral committee member for safety and security – apparently for praating his bek verby.

While the Mayor refused to confirm this story, her office did admit that next year, the safety and security portfolio will be merged with social services (not sure if that’s a good idea, but that’s a story for another day).

The next thing you know, there was a public outcry — mense petitioning online, starting Facebook pages called “Hands off JP”, and neighbourhood watches and CPFs speaking out.

Now, many of you know Munier’s feelings about JP.

He’s not that into blondes, for one.

But yes, the City’s sheriff does have a bad habit of publicly dissing SAPS, national government departments and opposition leaders.

It’s short-sighted and not very constructive.

Alienating your department from the rest is no way to beat crime.

The only way to succeed in making our communities safer is to unite, work together and pool our resources.

That said, you have to hand it to JP, he works flippen hard.

He’s not scared not roll up his sleeves, put on a kevlar vest and go on police raids in gangland.

He’s also very helpful to journalists, always ready to pass on information.

So, as hard as it is to admit, JP would be missed.

Aunty Patty had better be very careful how she handles this one.

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