Matric pupil shot dead



November 7, 2016
Matric pupil shot dead

GONE: Wade Arends, 18, was shot in Rocklands

Two dead and one injured in suspected gang-related shooting.

A matric pupil has been murdered just months after burying his brother.

Police were called to a local tuck shop in Arabian Street, Rocklands, Mitchells Plain, on Friday night where Wade Arends, 18, was shot and killed by gangsters.

Imraan Gafieldien, 24, was also killed in the same shooting while a third person, Aamien Soeker, 25, is recovering in hospital.

Police arrested an 18-year-old and 24-year-old man who are expected to appear at the Mitchells Plain Magistrates’ Court today on charges of murder and attempted murder.

Wade was in Grade 12 at Westridge High School and was writing his final examinations.

Wade’s grandmother, Joan Arends, who raised him since he was a toddler, told the Weekend Argus he buried his brother Wayne Leigh Arends, 24, in January after he was also killed by gangsters.

Wade had apparently become very withdrawn and depressed after his brother’s death, and now according to Joan, “his dream came true, he wanted to be with his father and brother”.

Wade’s dad died of a heart attack three years ago.

Police sources say a turf war between rivals the Americans and School Boys gangs is behind the bloodshed.

It is not clear if Wade and Imraan were friends, but witnesses say Imraan was at the same shop buying entjies when he was shot and killed.

Imraan’s relatives told Weekend Argus that he did not belong to any gang and that they thought the gunshots was fireworks.

A witness claims after Wade was shot, he tried to escape the gunfire and was still able to speak, asking mense to tell his grandmother that he had been shot.

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