Man tries to steal R2m from his father



September 15, 2016
Man tries to steal R2m from his father

LOCAL: 'How To Steal 2 Million' on at 8.30pm keeps it lekker local at 8.30pm with the movie How To Steal 2 Million.

The 2011 fliek is a South African action drama starring big names like John Kani, Hlubi Mboya, Menzi Ngubane and Terry Pheto.

The story revolves around a robber who spent five years in the mang, and when he gets out he discovers his partner in crime, who was never busted, has now married his meisie.

But this ou is desperate for money, and despite losing his stukkie to his old pal, he agrees to work together again. The ex-jailbird will help his partner rob his dad of R2 million.

Then things go wrong.

The film received 11 nominations at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2012, won four awards — Best Picture, Best Director,Best Actress in a Supporting Role and Best Achievement in Editing.

There’s more big bucks and scheming in High Rollers (SABC3 at 7.30pm), where Dhanny is in trouble because her whales (top clients) are missing. But it seems she’s more worried about taking down AJ.

Tonight their battle intensifies, but don’t miss tomorrow when Kenny steps into the situation… en hier kom moeilikheid.

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