Man stabbed while defending old man



November 9, 2016
Man stabbed while defending old man

INJURED: Ettienne Claasenm 36. CREDIT: Manqoba Ngidi

The Blikkiesdorp community leader suffered a punctured lung.

A community leader was stabbed in the lung after saving the life of an old man who was being attacked with a knife.

For years, Ettienne Claasen, 36, has been a member of the Blikkiesdorp Joint Committee who has been fighting the housing battle for residents.

Last week Sunday, while Ettienne was celebrating his friend’s birthday in Delft, he intervened when a knife-wielding man tried to stab an old man during an argument in the street.

As he jumped in front of the old man, the knife was plunged into his lung.

The incident happened in Voorbrug, near Hindle High School. Ettienne was discharged from hospital on Thursday.

He says he went outside when he heard a commotion.

“I saw the neighbour, Uncle Boy, who is a man in his fifties, arguing with another man.

“I walked over to him and told him we are big people and that we didn’t need violence to solve our problems.

“I moved between them and as he went for Uncle Boy, I pushed him aside, but the knife hit me in the lung.”

Ettienne was rushed to Delft Day Hospital where a pipe was placed in his lungs to help him breathe. He was transferred to Tygerberg Hospital for treatment. He did not lay a charge.

“I didn’t know the man who stabbed me, that’s why I didn’t make a case,” he explains.

“Ironically I got the man at Tygerberg Hospital because the community retaliated and stabbed him in the head.”

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