Man sells house he no longer owns



November 16, 2016
Man sells house he no longer owns

De Reuk sold the house after placing an ad Gumtree

Pensioner, 72, sold his daughter's property for R255k.

A pensioner is in deep trouble after he gave ownership of his house to his daughter — and then sold the property to another pensioner.

Bouwer de Reuk, 72, of Cape Town, faces a fraud charge in the Bellville Regional Court.

It is alleged that, after giving the house to his daughter, De Reuk advertised it for sale on Gumtree for R255 000, and received two deposits amounting to R170 000 from the buyer.

This, after De Reuk’s lawyer had already transferred ownership to his daughter.

Hoping to double the deposit with a “magic wand”, De Reuk gave the money to a sangoma, Dr Kim, who disappeared with it.

Prosecutor Barry van der Berg told the court De Reuk would plead guilty to the fraud – which a confused De Reuk in fact did — only to have his lawyer protest that the plea of guilty conflicted with his instructions to plead not guilty.

It transpired that De Reuck, 72, and his wife had co-owned their home.

When she died, her share of the house went to their daughter and he then transferred his share to the daughter as well.

The prosecutor alleges that De Reuck fraudulently led the buyer to believe that he owned the dwelling.

De Reuck was apparently eager to refund the buyer but could not because the sangoma had disappeared with the money.

The daughter now wishes to sell the house, in order to repay the buyer.

The matter was postponed to 21 February next year, to enable parties to negotiate.

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