Man and machine take on criminals



March 7, 2016
Man and machine take on criminals

IF THE Monday Madness is making you want to mamok, and all you want is a bit more weekend, then we’ve got you sorted with something for everyone.

This hoity-toity series Person Of Interest has got us hooked.

Tonight on SABC2 at 8pm, we kick off with the second season.

If you haven’t checked it out, here’s the deal – John, a former soldier, and his tjommie Finch, a larney billionaire, have developed a crime-predicting machine.

Now you can only just imagine what these two get up to.

The Machine was almost destroyed, Finch is kidnapped and John tries to decode some clues to get answers.


It looks like this season we’ll get a better idea of how the Machine works, and Finch’s relationship with it.

For a more traditional take on solving crimes, check out CSI: Miami (SABC2 at 10pm).

Ja, we know it’s a repeat of Season 3, but it’s sometimes kwaai to revisit old friends.

A boat crashes, and on board is the body of a man who was on his way to pay the ransom for his kidnapped laaitie.

And in The Amazing Race, SABC3 at 8.30pm, missed flights causes confusion, frustrations, fights, and strange alliances.

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