Man, 76, dies in Wendy house fire



November 7, 2016
Man, 76, dies in Wendy house fire

SAD: Jerry Fortune, 76, died in his Wendy house

A suspected gas leak caused the fire that claimed the oupa's life.

A fire believed to have been caused by a mysterious gas leak ended the life of a 76-year-old man on Guy Fawkes morning.

Jerry Fortune was fast asleep when a blaze broke out inside his Wendy house in Heinkel Street, Rocklands, Mitchells Plain, just after 4am on Saturday.

Relatives explain Jerry was alone, while his wife Wilma, 55, was in hospital when the fire broke out.

They believe Jerry tried opening the front door but collapsed before he could get out.

SCENE: The Rocklands house

His sister-in-law, Nadia Thys, 34, says the family was out for the evening when they came home to the tragic news.

She says the light switches in the Wendy house had been giving problems but believes a gas leak could have been the cause of the fire.

“When we arrived home, the whole Wendy house was already burnt to the ground,” she says.

“He fell behind the door while struggling to open the door.

“Only the plugs worked in the Wendy house and we’ve been busy sorting it out.

“We do not know what the cause of the fire was but we think it might be a gas leak.

“He had a gas stove but wasn’t using it for the past few weeks because the family was giving him food while his wife was in hospital.

“When his wife comes home from hospital, she will have no house, husband or any belongings.”

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut, says they have opened an inquiry into the man’s death: “A death inquest case docket has been registered after a 76-year-old man died in a fire in Heinkel Road Rocklands.

“The circumstances are being investigated.”

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