Man, 65, fathers stepdaughter’s baby



September 6, 2016
Man, 65, fathers stepdaughter’s baby

Hester sits next to her husband Harold Abrahams, holding his two-month-old child. CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Hurt wife exposes sick affair happening under her roof.

This woman says her daughter has no shame – after giving birth to her 65-year-old stepdad’s baby.

Hester Abrahams, 56, is now divorcing Harold Abrahams, her husband of 15 years, after he had an affair with her 25-year-old daughter.

The two self-confessed jollers moved out of Hester’s Mitchells Plain home last week, and have shacked up together in Delft.

Hester, who has five children, is a devout Christian and believes her husband and daughter Jeanesthia van Niekerk, 25, who lived with them, started jolling three years ago.

Jeanesthia has two other children, aged two and four, from a previous relationship, while Harold has seven children, two stepchildren, 15 grandkids and eight great-grandkids.

Hester says she nearly had a heart attack when she found out the truth last month.

“This happened onder een dak, inside my own bed, they have no shame,” the mom sobs.

“This is so devastating because this is my baby. She’s one of a twin and she did this to me.”

BABY’S MOTHER: Daughter Jeanesthia van Niekerk

Hester says God revealed the truth to her in a dream after she noticed the “unnaturally close” relationship between the two.

She says Harold, a handyman, began giving his pension and wages to Jeanesthia, and showered her with gifts.

“I became suspicious in 2013 already because when she would leave the house, he would scream after her where she was going, and who she was with,” Hester explains.

“He started buying her luxuries.”

She even warned Harold about his “incestuous tendencies”.

Hester says: “I said, ‘oupa, the love you have for her isn’t normal, like the love a dad has for a daughter.

“He said I am seeing things. But then I had a dream of blood in my bedroom.

“God was showing me this is incest or that my husband was sleeping with someone, I just didn’t know who.”

The two would also be “over the moon” when she went to visit family in Moorreesburg or Hermanus.

“During one trip they asked me to take her children with me, and they were alone at home,” she explains.

And then one day she walked in on Harold in their bedroom while he was masturbating.

Her daughter was alone with him in the house.

“I asked him, oupa, what are you doing, maak jy nou daai ding reg vir haar?”

After that, she banned him from her bed.

Hester says she thought the father of Jeanesthia’s third child was a young man in the community.

But soon after the baby was born in July, a relative of Harold’s revealed the truth.

Hester says: “This relative came to the house and said Harold has a child with his own daughter and that we couldn’t open a case of rape because Jeanesthia was willing.”

The mom says she confronted the jollers last month: “I called Harold and asked him if the baby was his and he just remained quiet.

“I told them everything needs to come out.

“Jeanesthia came down and stood on the staircase and said this has been going on for years but she never said anything to me.”

Hester says she has been left “humiliated and hurt” and is waiting for her divorce to be finalised so she can move on with her life.

“I am hurt but I serve God and I know I must ask God for forgiveness for me to heal,” she adds.

Speaking from his hokkie in Delft which he shares with Jeanesthia, Harold admits he was wrong for sleeping with his own stepdaughter.

“I am sorry and I have asked Hester for forgiveness,” he tells Daily Voice.

“I know what I did was wrong. I know I broke her heart, but I can’t change what happened.”

Cradling his two-month-old baby in his arms, the proud dad adds: “This is my son, we now have a child together.”

Jeanesthia did not want to speak to the Daily Voice, and remained on the couple’s small bed inside their shack.

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