Man, 28, beaten to death



September 15, 2016
Man, 28, beaten to death

BRUTAL MURDER: Danwill Blood, 28, was beaten to death

A man's lifeless and battered body was found along the N2 after he was accused of stealing.

An ex-cop with more than 20 years’ experience says he was left speechless at the sight of his murdered son’s body.

“I have never seen such a gruesome murder. Hulle het hom doodgemartel (He was tortured to death),” says Allen Blood emotionally.

His son Danwill Blood, 28, was covered in bruises, abrasions and cuts from head to toe and had several broken bones.

His girlfriend Veloney Arendse, 30, says she became hysterical when she saw his body.

“His teeth were loose and he had a hole in his skull,” she says.

Danwill’s battered body was found at the side of the N2 outside Grabouw on August 31.

His alleged killer, Rudolph “Rudi” Frans, appeared in the Grabouw Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Frans accused Danwill and his friend Percival Malgas of stealing a radio from his bakkie.

He took Danwill from Veloney’s house on August 30.

Percival, 30, says Frans and five other men assaulted him before fetching Danwill.

“Then they took us deep into the bushes on a reserve (outside Grabouw) where they beat us sonder genade (without mercy),” claims Percival.

He says the men used pikstele (pickaxes), two cricket bats, yster paaltjies (steel poles) and thick sticks and beat them for several hours.

He claims Frans later fetched Danwill’s body and dumped it at the side of the N2.

Frans was due to apply for bail but the matter was postponed to September 27 due to time constraints.

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