‘Mammie is dood’



October 19, 2016
‘Mammie is dood’

SURVIVED: Arisha Shaheeda September, 3, (right) with her slain mom Christa September, 28.

Girl, 3, reveals how her family was slaughtered.

A frightened toddler has revealed how she stood behind a curtain to hide from the man who bludgeoned her mom and brother to death.

Three-year-old Arisha Shaheeda September also saw how the alleged killer committed suicide afterwards by hanging himself.

The little girl is the only one who escaped unharmed from the tragedy that played out in a tiny shack in West Side, Villiersdorp, on Sunday.

Her younger sister Crystal, also three, whose head was hit with a hammer, survived the attack but was transferred to Red Cross Children’s Hospital where she underwent an operation yesterday.

Ouma Cecilia Hector says Arisha told them how she hid behind the gordyn when her mom Christa September’s boyfriend Patrick Naphai allegedly forced his way into their house and started attacking Christa.

“She says he stabbed Christa while she lay on the bed and then beat her against the head with a hammer,” says Cecilia.

“She says he also beat little Crystal and Tino against their heads and across their tiny bodies with the hammer before hanging himself.”

The ouma says her daughter “knew Patrick was going to kill her”. “She just didn’t know when,” says Cecilia.

Christa and her kids, none of whom are Patrick’s, went to Worcester over the weekend to visit her family and returned home on Sunday.

Her sister Joyce September, 33, says Christa had an interdict against Patrick and wanted to dump him “because he was abusive and made her feel like a prisoner”.

Cecilia and her sister Sophia Sykes, 60, discovered the bloodbath on Sunday night after Christa didn’t answer her phone.

When they arrived they heard Arisha cry: “Mammie is dood”, and Sykes broke down the door.

Red Cross’ Angelique Jordaan said last night Crystal is critical.

Cops are investigating a case of murder, attempted murder and an inquest docket has been opened.

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