Malema: EFF is making Zuma sick



May 3, 2016
Malema: EFF is making Zuma sick

Julius Malema speaks to 40 000 people at Orlando Stadium. CREDIT: Sourced

Malema says EFF is making Zuma sick as party launches manifesto for local elections

Julius Malema says Jacob Zuma’s health is suffering because of the threat of the EFF at the upcoming polls.

Malema didn’t waste time in taking shots at the president and the ANC at the launch of the EFF’s local government elections manifesto at the Orlando Stadium in Soweto on Saturday.

“We beat the ANC in filling up the stadium. They are watching their television screens with just one eye,” he said to cheers from the 40 000-strong crowd.

“Zuma’s sugar blood level has shot up as we speak.

“We are contesting no one else but the ANC, the rest of the parties are nothing in front of us. We say to the ANC bring it on. We are ready and not afraid of you and Zuma.

“We defeated apartheid and we can defeat this. This is not about me or the party, this is about the black majority. This party is not advised by white people or financed by white people’s money. This is for the poor who are the black majority. This is a socialist programme which is unstoppable.”

He told the crowd members of the SA National Defence Force (SANDF) and SAPS support his party.

Previously, ANC Youth League leader Collen Maine told reporters in Johannesburg on Tuesday that his organisation would meet Zuma as commander-in-chief of the SANDF to “unleash soldiers” on the EFF.

This after Malema told reporters his party would remove Zuma’s government “through the barrel of a gun”.

On Saturday, Malema hit back: “Some are saying we promote violence, we are not.”

“We fight peacefully through protests, the courts and Parliament. We are not scared of anyone. Those who say they will get the army to turn against us are wasting their time because the army are members of the EFF…”

Malema said the army was against “a corrupt government” and Zuma should leave office “before it is too late”.

“You threaten us with the army? The army is full of EFF people.”

He also had a message for councillors wanting sex in exchange for jobs and houses.

“EFF councillors will be expected to be the mother/father figure to all orphans in the wards they serve,” Malema said.

“They will make sure that there is no one in their wards who goes to bed without a bed.

“They will also assist in the burial of all poor people in their area

“We visited Rustenburg and community members there told us their councillors were demanding sex before they could give them jobs and houses.

“It is because of that that we included it in our manifesto. Such councillors will be shown the door immediately,” he said.

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