Luckless Lewis



May 3, 2016
Luckless Lewis

Too much drama for Hamilton Lewis. CREDIT: Sourced

As if Lewis Hamilton did not have enough on his plate already, with two successive engine failures and Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg on a seven-race winning streak, the Formula One champion now has the stewards to worry about as well.

The Brit, 43 points behind Rosberg after four races, collected his second reprimand this term at the Russian Grand Prix on Sunday.

Three would trigger an automatic penalty on the starting grid and, with 17 races still to come, Hamilton saw trouble ahead.

He says: “I am just aware that there is most likely going to be at least one 10 place penalty in the future because I have got one more reprimand to go.

“When I was in karting there was one steward, he was just there to make everyone’s weekend a bad weekend. Families would turn up and spend so much money to be there… and he was just there to ruin people’s weekends.

“I’ve started to see signs of him.”

The Briton has not won a race since October when he took his third title in Texas, while Rosberg has started the year with four straight victories.

The German has also had a reliable car whereas Hamilton had to start from the rear in China after a power unit failure in qualifying.

Drivers have five power units each to last a season, and exceeding that allocation incurs automatic penalties.

The recent setbacks mean defending champion Hamilton is at a disadvantage to teammate Rosberg.

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