Love at first bite

Love at first bite

HAPPY: Vincent and Tamar

Braxton’s still in love with biting husband.

Tamar  Braxton was once bitten, but isn’t shy to show the world that she is still madly in love with her husband.

The 43-year-old former talk show host and sister of singer Toni was spotted at Los Angeles airport holding hands with her hubby Vincent Herbert.

It’s a small miracle that he still had a hand to hold onto because in August he was accused of biting her finger during a fight with the Braxton sister.

The star couple reportedly fought at the Atlanta Ritz Carlton hotel in August and he attacked her by chomping her finger.

TMZ released the 911 call made by a frantic witness who was at the hotel and called for help.

The witness was heard saying: “I’m having a domestic dispute between Mr Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton. She claims that he bit her finger, he left the property in a cab … he left, but she’s here.”

Just last month Tamar posted a video on Instagram of her in hospital in which she says: “Just because somebody says something does not make it law and I’m not gonna defend my relationship to anybody. Ever.

“This is a marriage. This is not a baby daddy, this not my boyfriend. We don’t live together. This my husband for 13 years so everybody else, have several seats.”

And now she’s giving her haters the finger by saying that she and her hubby are closer than ever.

It’s been a tough year for Tamar who was fired from the popular panel talk show The Real earlier this year.

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