Local funnyman exceeds homeless campaign goal



May 3, 2016
Local funnyman exceeds homeless campaign goal

Devon Saunders trying to keep warm on the roof. CREDIT: Facebook


The Cape Flats funnyman known, to his adoring fans as Devondidit, pledged to spend three days on a koue dak in Plumstead to raise awareness and support for the homeless and less fortunate.

Devon Saunders challenged Capetonians to gather their unwanted warme komberse en ou klere and donate it to a needy cause.

The aim of the campaign was to collect 5000 blankets during his stay on the roof from Thursday to Saturday.

And yesterday, a proud but moeg Devon announced they had exceeded his expectations.

“We surpassed our 5000 donation target and received 15 280 donations,” he tells the Daily Voice.

“We had 48 volunteers. Ready D even came and supported the drive,” he says of local hip hop legend.

“The scariest thing was the feeling of being alone and vulnerable. My senses were heightened and the fear is indescribable.”

With no access to running water, he says: “I started smelling after 36 hours out there. It was horrible.”

“It was so cold.

“I get now why these homeless people are out there all the time drinking and using drugs. It is to help with the fear. They use it like a shield to protect themselves,” says the big-hearted ou.

“The first thing I did when I got home [after Saturday night] was empty the geyser. I showered forever.

“Later that night after almost three days on the streets and after we had gone and handed over some of the things to homeless people, I pulled back my covers on my bed and a sadness came over me.

“Those people need help, especially during winter and we were able to do a small thing to improve their circumstances.

“Still, they go back to that cold corner on the street and have to live outside.”

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