Link in killings probed



October 24, 2016
Link in killings probed

SCENE: Place where Nathan Gillion died

Police are investigating two deaths after an alleged murderer was killed a short while after his alleged victim.

Hawston police are investigating a case where one murder seemingly led to another.

Nathan Gillion was gunned down after he allegedly stabbed Mellsure “Wengs” Jacobs to death during an argument on Friday night in the small coastal town.

Gillion’s brother, who asked to remain anonymous, says he came running into the house with blood streaming from his neck and arm.

“I took my girlfriend and child and we went to the neighbours because he said they were coming for him,” says the brother, 30.

A short while later he heard “at least three gunshots”. When he returned home, he found Nathan’s body with three gunshot wounds to his head, stomach and leg.

“They say there was a fight and that he stabbed somebody to death.”

According to him, Nathan was released from prison a week ago.

Sy kop het uitgehaak van drugs, so he spent about three months in prison for hurting animals but when he came back he was rustig,” says the brother.

Meanwhile, Jacobs, who was facing five charges of attempted murder, was about to hand himself over to the cops for breaking his bail conditions.

His aunt Simonita Siegels, 35, says: “He was looking for a big bag to pack his clothes because he believed he was going to jail for a long time. Maybe he had a premonition.”

Jacobs was stabbed in the neck and heart.

Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana says no arrests have been made in connection with the murders.

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