Limited train service on Central Line



September 26, 2016
Limited train service on Central Line

Metrorail started running train on Saturday.

It could take up to two weeks before the resumption of normal rail operations.

People travelling on Metrorail’s central line can breathe a sigh of relief because some of the trains are back on track.

Last week more than 150 000 commuters were forced to find alternative transport after Langa protesters damaged equipment and burned trains between Bellville and Tyger Valley station.

Protesters placed concrete slabs on railway lines near Langa, damaging apparatus cases, track boxes and signals.

Yesterday, Metrorail spokesperson Riana Scott said the first trains started running again on Saturday.

“Five days after the Khayelitsha/Kapteinsklip/Sarepta railway service was forced to close, the first trains are able to start moving on the rails again,” she said.

21 stations were shut and Metrorail had to stop 
selling tickets, she says.

“Apparatus cases housing hundreds of wires regulating the automated signalling system, track boxes and signals were among the equipment damaged.

Regional manager Richard Walker said: “Our engineers immediately tackled repairs that will enable us to start up a 
limited train service.

“The bulk of the repairs would however take days, possibly weeks, to fully enable the resumption of normal rail operations.”

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