Light at the end of the train tunnel



May 31, 2016
Light at the end of the train tunnel

MODERNISED: The high-tech Metrorail train.

Metrorail is upgrading their services

So you may recall me recently discussing the terrible state of Metrorail’s service with you.

Kaantie, we are on track to get new trains. In fact, the first of the high-tech trains were tested in Pretoria last week and it was impressive.

The blue-and-black trains, which will be in service from October 1, is part of the Passenger Rail Agency’s R172 billion modernisation programme.

The carriages will be built here and will have open passages from one carriage to the next.

So no more clanging doors separating carriages. It’s irritating when people walk through those doors and don’t close it.

I think you’re going to appreciate the air conditioning and CCTV the most. That means warm trains in winter and cool carriages in summer.

There’s mos always that one outjie making you wish for an open window. Now everyone will be able to pull up their noses, because the aircon will make his lovely scent travel through the train.

But it’s no use having new trains, if they don’t run on time. Prasa says they’re also working on scheduling and signalling to make sure this is addressed. I’m not sure when or if we will be getting these trains in Cape Town, but I can’t wait.

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