Lift club driver in ‘gang hit’



October 5, 2016
Lift club driver in ‘gang hit’

SHOT DEAD: Ashwin Robertson, 17

Teen shot dead believed to be a victim of his colleagues' gang affiliations.

The family of this teen believes his willingness to help others led to him being brutally murdered.

On Monday evening 17-year-old Ashwin Robertson was shot dead in his car while sitting outside his girlfriend’s house in Bonteheuwel.

His 19-year-old girlfriend, who was in the passenger seat, was hit in her leg.

It’s believed the teen was targeted because he recently started a lift club with colleagues who are allegedly linked to gangs.

His mother Nazley Robertson, 43, says the lift club started last Thursday.

“Their boss asked Ashwin if he would give them a lift because they start working at 5am,” she says.

“I was worried because I know my son is not a gangster, I even told him to take a different route. I was very upset and I didn’t want him to be targeted (by gang rivals).

“We suspect that this could be the reason for the attack,” says the grieving mother.

His sister Michelle Hendricks, 21, says Ashwin’s dad and twin brother rushed to the scene.

“Ashwin’s father wanted to kiss him awake but he was already dead,” she says.

Captain Frederick van Wyk says no one has been arrested yet.

“A murder and attempted murder case was opened for investigation.”

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