Women rate their boobs in a study

Women rate their boobs in a study

ABREAST OF THE REST: Danish woman believe that their boobs are a worthy tourist attraction

World travelling just got a whole lot more, er, titillating, as data from a study has found the top 20 countries of women with the Best Breasts.

But arme South African women rate themselves laaste vannie klomp.

The study, conducted by VictoriaMilan – a dating site for married and attached people wat wil jol – says more than a million women in 20 countries believe their boobs are their most attractive physical feature. 

The Top 20 list has been created using the percentages of women in these countries who have beautiful bosoms.

Scandivanian countries are top of the crop: Denmark comes out on top with 28.1% of Danish women claiming their cleavage is worthy of international travel, while Sweden heaves into second place with a sumptuous 26.3% of Swedish females rating their décolletage as their #1 physical feature.

The UK busts into third place, at 26.2%; while about a quarter of Greek (25.3%), Norwegian (25.1%), Dutch (24.1%) and German (24.1%) women will be showcasing their assets.

And 23.1% of New Zealanders say their boobs are their best feature.

Just over one-fifth of Austrian ladies think their cleavage is prize-winning, while Irish and Finnish women rate their boobs at 20.7% and 20.5% respectively.

Surprisingly, just 19.0% of sultry Italian ladies claim their cleavage is their best feature, with Aussies trailing in at 18.3%.

Ladies in Belgium (17.7%) and the United States (17.5%) rate their breasts similarly, while 16.7% Swiss ladies say their boobs are worth crossing borders for.

Spanish señoritas are famous for their voluptuous and sensual figures, but only 13.6% say their boobs are their top feature. 

SA women are bold and beautiful, but believe they have more to offer physically than their breasts with just 8.9% saying their cleavages are worthy tourist attractions.

Founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, says this data makes planning enjoyable holidays “much more appealing”.

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