FIERY: Welcome wants to wipe out the Simelanes
Make sure you sit your boude down on the couch and are tuned in to at 9.30pm, because it’s the last episode of Season 3 of Umlilo.

Welcome gaan bos in his mission to wipe out the Simelanes and crashes the engagement party. Maybe he should change his name to unWelcome...

And don’t worry, Season 4 will be with us before the end of the month. Next week there will be an Umlilo special programme, and the following week we kick off with new episodes.

While winter is setting in innie Kaap, the detectives from CSI: Miami are living warm (SABC3 at 10pm).

This week’s episode is dik interesting, as Ryan and Calleigh investigate a case of identity.

But that’s not all, the case is connected to a homicide.

For reality TV fans there’s the ever popular Survivor: Blood vs Water (SABC3 at 8.30pm).

This week’s tribal council is set to be a shocker after the contestants first flex some muscles during a toutrekkery, and a frustrating immunity challenge goois a spanner in the works.

Are the Bold fans ready for another rollercoaster episode? Tune in to SABC3 at 6pm where Ridge is making almal se lewens moeilik again.