CREATORS: Nathier Adams, Malick Abarder and Yaseen Barnes

The jokes just keep coming for the puppets starring in Daltjies & Kapparangs.

What started out as a series of gatmaak videos that Malick Abarder and his team uploaded to show the lighter side of Ramadaan for Cape Muslims, is now becoming a regular feature on Facebook.

Eid is over and Abarder says there appears to be a big appetite for his tongue-in-cheek humour about the everyday lives of his Muslim puppets.

“We’ve been doing one every week, but we will do it whenever there is something worth talking about it,” says Abarder.

“It’s also once again that thing about getting funding, because if we did become a weekly cartoon series then people would want to get paid as well.”

In the latest video, Tietie and Boeta’s kids are playing Pokemon Go, the smartphone game which has taking the world by storm, and Boeta thinks there’s evil jinns in his house... or is just kakkerlakke running around?

Meanwhile, Malick says they are keeping it real and will be tackling the upcoming local elections on August 3 soon.

“Doing the series will really depend on what’s out there, what people are talking about and if we can add a funny angle to it,” he says.

He has promised though that the puppets will be evolving and their team of voices might even expand.

“There are people who have shown an interest in joining us, so we hope to get bigger and better,” he says.