DRAMA: Catch Harvest on e.tv at 9.30pm

So what’s it about? The trials and tribulations of three women who fight for recognition in the high-stakes of the illegal business world.

It’s all about three strong women in a ‘man’s world’ – after their husbands are all tragically murdered, Celia, Clementine and Tshepiso are forced to take over the illegal business operation. Sjoe, sounds mal.

Check it out mense, 9.30pm on e.tv, and see if it floats your boat.

If you prefer your action and thrills with a side of soccer, Keeping Score is the one for you. SABC2 at 9.30pm, an action-packed drama, full of rage, liegtery, love and sports.

For something even more thrilling and drama-filled, tune in for the e.tv movie, A Rage In Harlem, at 10.30pm.

This action movie based on a crime novel is set in a gangster world but has a sweet love story hidden underneath.

A gangster's girlfriend flees to Harlem after a shootout, but what she doesn’t know is that the rest of the gang and a few other mense are hot on her trail.