Trevor Noah compares Trump to an African dictator on 'The Daily Show'. Credit: DAILY SHOW

South African comedian Trevor Noah, who is now a TV host in America, has challenged Donald Trump to a bek battle on The Daily Show.

But the funny man doesn’t think the Republican presidential nominee will make an appearance on the talk show anytime soon.

“We’d have him on the show, I don’t know what he would say,” Trevor, told Bloomberg, adding: “I don’t think he would ever come. I think Donald Trump purposefully stays away from places where he feels like he’ll be tested so I don’t think that would ever happen.”

Trevor thinks the controversial Trump would make a kwaai guest, and rates him as a comedian in his own right.

“A man who comes out in support of Saddam Hussein? Every single day, we sit in the office and we say: ‘Donald Trump surely cannot say anything crazier than this’, and every day he says something that shocks us. I don’t know how he does it, he’s a force of nature and you have to commend him for that.”