Timeless hits and tasty eats

Timeless hits and tasty eats

GOOD MORNING: Mense indulged their sweet tooth at the Vinyl Sessions Garden Party pics by Jack Lestrade

Garden party treat for mense in Retreat

What is better than a lazy, hot autumn day and some good, old-school vinyl to take you down memory lane?

That’s what happened on Saturday at the Vinyl Sessions Garden Party at the Jolly Carp Organic Market in Retreat, brought to you by the Forgotten Freequencies DJ crew.

Record collectors shared their music as DJs mesmerised mense with golden oldies and classics.

Featured on Saturday were DJ C4, aka Caroline Fortuin; DJ Roach, aka Mario Peters; Brendan Newman, Dubmasta China, aka Ammon China; DJ real Rozzano, aka Rozzano Davids.

Entry was free and the whole family was invited.

The music started at 11am and the party ended at 5pm.

There was a variety of goods to choose from, including silver jewellery, clothes and even decorated Easter eggs.

For the early birds, there was a lekker breakfast to enjoy with smooth music.

Later there was a braai and lekker strong curries for lunch.

The kiddies were treated to an Easter egg hunt competition at the organic market.

And all the while, people could sit back and enjoy good music with that particular nostalgic sound that only vinyl can produce.

DECORATED: Mary-Louise Jenneke-Scheffer and Tegan-Leah Scheffer, 14, with their Easter eggs at the markie innie Retreat

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