Bregarson Alkana, 22, from Grassy Park. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas
This Cape Flats singer has overcome a tragic childhood to make his voice heard.
Bregarson Alkana, 22, had a rotten start to life, his mother was an alcoholic who committed suicide and his dad is a bergie.
When a school friend invited him home for the school holidays, he met Carol Booysen and her hubby who eventually became his guardians.

Bregarson entered the M-Net singing talent search competition Clash of the Choirs in 2013, but it didn’t go his way.
He says: “I was in a tough place because I was unemployed and it was just depressing.” 
But he never gave up and he enrolled into a teaching education course and is now in his third year and a student teacher at Wittebome High School.

Bregarson says: “I want to get the education degree. The dream to be a singer and to sing never really went away, it’s a big passion.”
It’s a passion that is now paying off because he is releasing a gospel single at the end of the month.
In his spare time, he writes lyrics and tinkers on the keyboard.
“I’m not a talkative person so the music is great for me,” he says.

Carol admits that when he first became a part of their family they didn’t even know Bregarson could sing.
“Like, you know people will sing in the shower and around the house, he was never like that,” says Carol.

Bregarson worked part time to fund his musical dreams and pay for the studio time he needed to record his song.
The single is called Forever In Your Arms and is an emotional track that Bregarson has put his heart into.
“I started recording it last year… but I couldn’t finish it then, I was able to complete it this year,” Bregarson says.

You can hear the new song at the Grace EBC Hall in Klip Road, Lotus River, on April 29 when Bregarson will be performing and talking about his life story.
For tickets to the show, call 062 851 2468.