The Cape knows how to party

The Cape knows how to party

HANDS UP: Karin Kortje got mense off their feet at the Cape Town Party at the Grand Arena CREDIT: JackLestrade

Alistair and friends ruk Grand Arena

Mense came out in their numbers to attend the Cape Town Party at the Grand Arena on Friday night.

Alistair Izobel and his friends lived up to the name of their show en die jol het behoorlik geruk as they took their excited audience on a journey through all the Cape’s favourite jol numbers.

The Cape Spy team was there to capture all the fun and entertainment and not a single person could sit still as they bopped to the beats brought by a live band.

Joining Alistair on stage were the Mother City’s favourite sons Nur Abrahams and Loukmaan Adams, and divas Karin Kortje, Edith Plaatjies, Sasha Lee Davids.

The cast of 23 put on a musical spectacle that had old and young mense dancing.

Alistair told the crowd to enjoy the event as if it was a huis jol.

“We are merely exposing the great Cape Town talent. So enjoy, have a jol and leave your seats if you want to skud jou biscuit,” he said to loud cheers.

And from there on it was just one big party as mense formed dance circles and jazz routines oppie spot.

Uncle Cal spun a few lekker beats in between the singing, with DJ Vernon Carver also wrecking the decks big time.

But a Cape Town Party is never complete without a lekker blues number.

As the end of the show drew closer, the artists all took to the stage for an epic blues medley, with audience members heartily joining in.

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