Survivor castaway could be giving up

Survivor castaway could be giving up

CONTEMPLATE: Survivor, SABC3 at 7.30pm

So if you’ve managed to survive the first day of the week and the second day is running smoothly, treat yourself with some Survivor: San Juan Del Sur (SABC3 at 7.30pm).

Survivors! Are you ready? Tuesdays mean it’s one day closer to the weekend, and also Survivor!

Tonight the pressure of the game forces one certain castaway to contemplate throwing in the towel and going back home. Can you guess who it is? Tune in to find out.

Speaking of running away from your troubles, Lehasa might be used to buying his way out of the k** but this time he’s in too deep and he can’t get out. Don’t miss Skeem Saam, SABC3 at 6.30pm.

Candice is also up to no good and drags Sphola in to be her ally as she brings down her nemesis. And Kwaito his mystery girl is vuur en vlam.

Keep warm on this icy evening with the beats from Rhythm City ( at 7pm).

Shame man, poor Lerato is facing a heartbreaking decision and Mapula is really battling to keep her family together. Yoh, all this sadness is moerse depressing!

And don’t forget the drama of Keeping Score, 9.30pm on SABC2 – a world where dreams can come true in a heartbeat, only to be crushed.

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