Wayne returns as Stokkies in 'Scandal!'

Stokkies is back in Scandal! and he’s going to need a strong heart.

Actor Wayne van Rooyen, 37, plays the role of the former tronkvoël , who now works as a cleaner at the newspaper offices.

Wayne says the show’s bosses were always keen to have him back when all the drama in the prison ended.

But the fact that his character is now on the glamourous side of the soapie did come as a surprise.

The popularity of murderer Stokkies also came as a pleasant surprise to the Eldorado Park actor.

He says: “Stokkies was involved with drugs and he killed his sister’s fiancé in a freak accident and she obviously blamed him.”

“I think now that he’s out of prison people are rooting for him.”

Viewers will also see a different side of him – Stokkies is a daddy, and has a disabled son called Garland.

But can a leopard ever change his spots? Wayne wouldn’t say, but admits: “Stokkies is a liegbek.”

In fact, he has already lied to his baby momma Chantal, because he didn’t want her to know he was working as a cleaner.

“I think he just needs to confront all of his issues head on and then he’ll be in a better place. I’d love to see him overcome the prison record and all that and actually be happy as well,” says Wayne.

Fans feel the same, so keep watching to see how Stokkies evolves.

“And the nice part is that it’s such an awesome cast at Scandal! as well. So Stokkies is in good company,” Wayne jokes.