Sonskyn or rain, we will still party

Sonskyn or rain, we will still party

STARS OF THE NIGHT: Rod Miller and West End manager Sidney Oliver celebrated their birthdays

Uncle Sid's stylish bash at West End

Not even the cold front could keep people away from West End this weekend, where a warme party was happening.
It was the honourable uncle Sidney Oliver’s birthday bash on Saturday night and his close friends and patrons came out in their numbers to celebrate the manager of West End’s 53rd birthday.

Sidney was uitgevat in his black and white suit as he welcomed his guests to enjoy drinks and snacks laid out in fine style.

In the foyer, songstress Abigail Bagley and her brother Angelo, who plays the keyboard, started the night off with some lekker cover songs as mense arrived.

People were then escorted to their reserved tables and seats before the band, Major 7, struck up everyone’s favourite jazz songs.

The dance floor was prop-vol mense showing off their moves.

Among the singers performing on the night were Salome, Andrea and Can Skylark, alongside other bands such as Phase 2.

Sidney was happy at the turn-out, despite the rain.

“I’m so glad to have everyone here tonight. Even though it’s cold and wet inside, we will have a lekker warme jol inside the lovely West End,” he says.

Sidney’s friend Rod Miller also shares a birthday with him, and was there to celebrate.

“I’m honoured to share a birth date with such a lovely man of high calibre, although our ages differ, which I can’t reveal, we share a birthday and that’s special,” laughed Rod.

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