'Suidooster' cast thrills its viewers.

The wind of change is still blowing strong on the soapie Suidooster, which today celebrates its 100th episode.

The kykNET soapie launched on TV screens on 16 November 2015 and is the first ever soapie to be filmed in Cape Town.

Over the past six months viewers have come to know and love the residents of Ruiterbosch and have been witness to their dramas.

An excited Denise Newman, who plays the role of beleaguered matriarch Bridgette October, says: “Suidooster is now a hundred episodes young! We’ve worked hard to get here but we are all so proud of Suidooster’s success and the support we get from viewers.”

In one of their most nailbiting storylines, the October family was held hostage in their own home, because of the skelm deals of Ian, the head of the house.

The show has a strong following on social media, and it’s these fanatical viewers who cried out for more.

Their wish was granted and starting this week there will be an extra episode of the soapie on Thursday nights at 6pm.

Denise says: “I’ve always known Suidooster will be a hit but thus far I’ve been blown away by our popularity.”

In another first this week, it will become the first local soapie to celebrate Eid, when the Samsoodien’s hou labarang.

Cedwyn Joel, who plays AB (Abdullah) Samsodien, says he couldn’t be prouder of the uniquely Cape Town soapie.

“It’s amazing to hear from Capetonians they can relate to the characters and storylines. (But) after all, the aim is to be true to Cape Town and its people.”

Suidooster is on kykNET (DStv channel 144) and kykNET & kie (DSTV 145), Mondays to Thursdays at 6pm.