Loukmaan Adams and Kim Cloete kept the separation a secret. CREDIT: Sourced
Celebrity couple Kim Cloete and Loukmaan Adams have split up.

The stage sweethearts broke off their engagement four months ago already, Loukmaan confirmed to the Daily Voice.

But they kept the news secret from fans.

Just last Thursday an excited Kim, 36, chatted about her career and upcoming wedding, and how she and her singer fiance barely had time to sit down to decide on a wedding date.

She even revealed she didn’t want a big wedding because “ons was al twee jaar getroud”.

But now Kim admits it wasn’t true and the very next day she called your favourite koerantjie to reveal she was single again.

Kim said: “My sister sent me a picture of the article and you took the wedding angle. I just want to tell you that Loukmaan and I broke up four months ago.”

The Binnelanders actress refused to talk to the Daily Voice about the break-up, saying: “There are family and friends who don’t even know we’re not together.”

Loukmaan confirmed that the couple had split up at the beginning of the year and says: “I dunno why Kim would talk about an engagement. She told me the interview was supposed to be about her work.”

The couple have been living separate lives for months now, Kim is in Johannesburg while Loukmaan is still based in the Kaap.

They went public with their romance in 2014, and Loukmaan went on bended knee at his 40th birthday party in September last year.

The two had been struggling to juggle their relationship and their busy careers - Kim has been torn between Joburg and Cape Town, while Loukmaan has been doing shows around the country.

The father of one says the split was mutual.

“We were both so busy and decided that the best thing for both of us would be to focus on our careers,” Loukmaan says.

“There are people that are close to us that know. This is obviously sensitive and we only shared it with the important people in our lives. It’s unfortunate that it came out like this.”

Both of them are now single, and not dating other people, according to Loukmaan.

Asked why he thought Kim would pretend they were still together, Loukmaan said he “really has no idea”, but reckons she wanted to keep up appearances until they were both ready to tell the world.

“Look, we still have a beautiful business relationship and that has not changed,” he tells the Daily Voice.

The pair are co-owners of the Garden Court Theatre in Walmer Estate and Loukmaan says Kim will continue to help run the theatre, “and of course she will still write and produce [shows] for me”.