FEARLESS: Shimmy Isaacs, 34. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Shimmy Isaacs is a fearless female comedian who - just like the Daily Voice - is not afraid to rek her bek.

The 34-year-old will perform at the Daily Voice’s first comedy show, Joke In The Box.

The show takes place at City Hall on August 2 (the evening before the election public holiday) and also features MC Kurt Schoonraad, Dalin Oliver, Carl Weber and Lungelo Ndlovu.

Shimmy says: “This comedy show is going to be like a breath of fresh air into what comedy means for coloured people in South Africa, not just Cape Town.”

The Worcester-born star has been cracking jokes since she was a teen, but only after her studies at AFDA did she really feel passionate about venturing into comedy.

“My family is extremely funny,” she says.

“My father is born and bred Griqua and my mom is a Malay woman from Worcester, so there is comedy when both sides get together.”

“My dad’s family won’t say: ‘Sy is maer!’ Hulle sal sê sy lyk soes ’n droë koshuis geyser.”

It’s that real Kaapse humour that has made her a success here at home and overseas.

Jitte! I should sieker say one of my career highlights is that I performed overseas,” she jokes.

When Shimmy’s klaar with the Joke In The Box comedy show, she’ll host her own show in Worcester on September 30.

The show is called Hier Is Ek, Waar’s Julle? and it will be at the Worcester Gymnasium.

Tickets to Joke in the Box are R120 and available at Computicket.