Brave Rosario Dawson was bust during a protest in Washington. CREDIT: Sourced
Rosario Dawson is a very bad girl.

The sexy actress was arrested in Washington DC after taking part in a political protest.

The group has been staging a sit-in to protest the role of big money in politics, and how candidates with enough backers can do more campaigning.

The Sin City star, 36, was issued a R700 fine for crowding and obstructing after crossing police lines. She was one of more than 400 demonstrators arrested last week in the Democracy Spring protests.

In a video posted on YouTube, Rosario smiles as a police officer appears to remove something from her hands and motions for her to move to a certain area, amid a crowd of protesters, chanting and holding up signs.

The beautiful actress was also photographed standing with fellow protesters, raising a fist in the air, flashing a peace sign and holding up a sign that reads, “Overturn citizens united”.

She has no problem using her celebrity status to highlight political issues she believes in.

Rosario says cops told her group several times to move, apparently in a bid not to arrest her.

“I think there was maybe a desire to not particularly have me arrested because they didn’t want that to be put out there. So we got up when they walked away and we sat down and we were arrested,” she said.

“The police were really great with us and really lovely,” she said, adding that “that is not the case for so many people,” such as Black Lives Matter activists.