Butterscotch and Banana Pudding



November 13, 2016
Butterscotch and Banana Pudding


1 packet of ladyfingers

1 tin of caramel

2 cups of hot pouring custard

1 packet of Moirs butterscotch instant pudding, made per instructions, and set in fridge.

5 bananas peeled and cut into slices

250 ml of fresh cream, whipped with 1 tablespoon of icing sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla essence .

1 small slab of milk chocolate to grate over cream.


Take your lady fingers and spread the caramel equally on each one, top side only, and lay it down neatly in a large deep dish.

Next, pour over your hot custard (it must not be thick).

Wait for custard to cool down with the lady fingers.

Next take your prepared and chilled butterscotch pudding and spoon mixture over the

custard and spread evenly.

Spread the slices of banana evenly over the butterscotch.

Spoon and spread the whipped cream over the bananas and grate over the chocolate.

Place in fridge overnight or for about six hours to allow the biscuit to soften.

*Source: Cape Malay Cooking and other delights

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