MATURE: iFani's given up his crazy wardrobe for a classic look.
It’s not funny, but iFani has had a makeover and says he’s a changed man.

The 30-year-old rapper is known for his brightly coloured clothes and big-rimmed fake spectacles, all designed to stand out.

But he said it was time to man up and get a more mature look.

His loud klere has been replaced with skinny jeans and pants, checked shirts and plain blazers.

He says: “I was inspired by my three-year-old son actually.

“Ever since he was very young he’s always been picky about what he wears and as he got older that just became worse.

“Then last year I took some time and then I realised that you really don’t have to chase success, it’s something you attract.

“This is a new approach and with it I just see things falling into place without me really stressing.”

iFani hit the headlines last year when his second album I Believes In Me (2nd Quadrant) reached gold status just a few days after its release.

It prompted rival rappers to question his success.

But he hit back saying he had launched a campaign months ahead of dropping the album. He even personally went to taxi ranks, bus terminals and train stations to spread the word about his music.

“I am no longer that guy. I used to push so hard for success that I would knock anyone out of the way if they were in my path. I do things that make me happy now. And the first thing that makes me happy is the knowledge that my happiness is up to me,” he admits.