Multi award-winning actress Quanita Adams.
Actress Quanita Adams a busy bee, buzzing between the small screen and stage.

And the energetic 38-year-old from Lotus River would have it no other way.

The multi award-winning actress’ star is shining brightly, but even with her hectic schedule, she found time to attend the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, which apparently no self-respecting South African artist would miss.

Just a year ago, Quanita left her role in the popular soapie Binnelanders to move back to Cape Town.

She says: “My father became very ill and they told him that he had a definite time to live, so I just dropped everything.

“This coincided with my two-year contract with Binnelanders coming up for renewal. I’d always said I would do it for two years so it was like life was telling me to stick to my word.”

Fans will know Quanita is currently on screen on VIA (DStv channel 147) in two shows, the comedy series Vinkel en Koljander, and game show, Raai wat is Toegedraai?

“My dad passed away during the first week of shooting Vinkel, in March and at the end of each show there is a tribute to him, at the very end of the credits,” says Quanita.

She is now preparing to dazzle audiences with her a lead role in a new play, Keeper of the Kumm.

“It’s the book written by Sylvia Vollenhoven and it’s about rediscovering that can be found in folklore. And I’m not just talking like smoking dagga for a toothache and natural remedies and things, I’m talking about the real journey to your roots,” explains Quanita.

The play reunites her with Elton Landrew, who worked with her on the acclaimed Boesman & Lena.

She says: “It’s directed by Basil Appolis and there is live music by Hilton Schilder and it’s just one of those things where during rehearsal I took a step back and thought WOW!”

Quanita has a berk, and says wedding plans are definitely in the pipeline.

“There is a plan, one day I want to be a mother,” she says.

Keeper Of The Kumm is on at the Artscape Theatre on July 27.