ARRIVE IN STYLE: Waseef and Shameemah were chauffeur-driven in a kwaai classic 1950s Dodge
The Moppie King has chosen his Queen.

The kaas-funny Mitchells Plain comedian and Daily Voice columnist, Waseef Piekaan, and his girlfriend and manager Shameemah Jacobs finally tied the knot after five and a half years of dating.

IT’S OFFICIAL: Comedian and Daily Voice columnist Waseef Piekaan tied the knot with love of his life, Shameemah Jacobs

But instead of having a larney reception, the newlyweds decided to have a special lunch for orphans.

A nervous but happy Waseef, 33, arrived in grand style at his intended’s home in Kensington yesterday morning, uitgevat in a silky rose gold top, black turban, and a black and gold caftan draped over his shoulders.

He greeted guests, who included his friends, actors and singers Loukmaan Adams, Terry Fortune, Nur Abrahams and Austin Rose

While the men went to the mosque in Factreton for the nikah, a nervous Shameemah, 29, waited in her bedroom, shaking and almost in tears.

IN LOVE: Waseef, Shameemah

Returning from mosque in a classic 1950s Dodge, Waseef looked like the cat who got the cream.

The groom said he would never forget the first time he met the love of his life.

“We met at a show, naturally, and I was wearing a dress and she still smaaked me. I must be a looker,” he laughed.

On a serious note, Waseef was emotional as his family and his new in-laws congratulated the couple on their nuptials.

And he’s not wasting any time – the comedian says he’s ready to start working on growing his family “immediately, voor die pwasa, and I want four children,” he said.

A blushing Shameemah smiled shyly and said “In-sha-Allah” when she heard this.

Instead of a big biryani lunch for hundreds of mense, Waseef and his bride decided to spend the day with children of the Al Noor Orphanage in Woodstock.

“We decided to have our wedding lunch with children and make their day special as well,” explains Shameemah.

“We wanted this day to be as special for others as it is for us.

“We had the reception booked at Barron’s Estate and then we just decided to give back to our community instead.”

SHARING: The duo spent the afternoon with orphans of Al Noor home

About 80 excited children at Al Noor were treated to a lekker akhni lunch and party packets – and of course a few laughs.

Waseef said he would be taking his bride on honeymoon either to Caledon Spa or Club Mykonos later this week.