Meisie, kyk hoe lyk jou hare

Meisie, kyk hoe lyk jou hare

SOAP STAR: Kay Smith, 24.

7de Laan actress is min gespin about boskop jokes on social media.

You know you have made it as an actress when your hair makes the news.

That’s what happened to 7de Laan’s Kay Smith, whose afro has mense talking.

Funny pictures of “Errol and his mal girlfriend Tarryn” have been circulating on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, and the funny, and often rude memes poke fun at Kay’s boskop.

But while mense on social media are saying Meisie Kyk Hoe Lyk Jou Hare, Kay is holding her head up high.

Kay, 24, says: “My hair is my liberation. In matric, I dyed it for the matric ball, and about three years ago I just decided to go natural.”

The actress says she has seen some of the memes, but feels those who make fun of her have self-esteem issues.

“I think it’s something within themselves… because if you’re happy with who you are and you love who you are, then what another person looks like wouldn’t bother you that much,” she says.

“I still go on Facebook, because people will message me, but I don’t stay [online] for too long.”

Kay matriculated at Durbanville High School in 2009 and after that attended the Magnet Theatre and had a starring role as Breggie in the series Vlug Na Egipte.

“People criticise my hair, and I’ve seen some of it but I’m oblivious to it. If you’re gonna criticise me, criticise my work, my craft,” she says.

Kay says she loves her low maintenance hare and she’s happy to be an unofficial ambassador for the natural look.

“I wash my hair, moisturise, and trim every six weeks. Every now and then I’ll blowdry it just to get the natural oil to do its thing again.”

But it’s not easy being Tarryn. A auntie recently walked up to her at Cape Town station and started skelling her for abusing Errol.

“I just got out of there because I’m not a fighter,” Kay laughs.

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