American actor Michael Jai White.

The Last Fighter Standing has some lekker eye candy outside of the ring and he’s a knockout all on his own.

The show which is all about martial arts will be hosted by American heartthrob Michael Jai White.

He’ll be jetting into SA this week to begin working on the new show which will be screened on

Michael played Gambol in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and was part of the reality TV show Real Husbands of Hollywood.

He also has a black belt in eight different fighting styles, so he knows martial arts.

Michael says: “Martial arts is not just a battle of brute strength, it’s an often underrated art and discipline.”

“Through this show we hope that audiences will soon discover that it’s as much about will and strategy as it is about physical prowess,” he adds.

Last Fighter Standing starts on on July 25.