Market day a full-blast fest

Market day a full-blast fest

PUMP IT UP: Graham Swartz and DJ Brandon at the inaugural Belhar Market Day

Jol, dite at first-time Belhar event

Belhar Business Park was a hive of activity on Saturday as the community came out to play at the Belhar Market Day and Talent Search.
The event kicked off with a 23-member brigade which marched from the Airport Mall to the Belhar Business Park.

There were food stalls galore and mense were entertained by a glamorous granny modelling show, kwaai dancing and singing. DJ Brandon kept the music klopping as kids enjoyed the freedom of playing under neighbourhood watch supervision.

Christoffel Maneville, 30, was the MC at the event and kept the crowd entertained throughout the day.

Petrina Thyssen, 61, from Belhar was first in line to show off her casual look for the glamorous granny pageant.

The Cape Spy team captured all activities on offer.

Ward Councillor Dalmaine Cottee welcomed guests to the first market day.

“We are doing this to make people aware of the business park and to spread cheer to the community that is held up by the crime daily,” he said.

Christoffel called on mense to come out and enjoy the day as he patrolled the area, inviting people to join in the fun on a loud speaker.

“We can’t let the shootings and crime in our area keep us inside when we have these activities to unite a community,” he said.

“Why must we be cooped up in our homes and never make contact with our neighbours when we have the ability to enjoy a day of fun and socialising as we do today?”

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