Mariah bans Beyoncé

Mariah bans Beyoncé

CRAZY IN LOVE: Singer Mariah Carey

Star rages over berk's song pick.

There’s one cardinal rule in Mariah Carey’s home: Don’t play other artists’ music – and especially not Beyoncé.

The diva’s fiance James Packer, 47, found out the hard way when she gooied his laptop and speakers out the window.

Website The Fix reports that the 46-year-old singer stripped her moer when her billionaire berk played Crazy in Love while trying to seduce her.

A source reveals: “Oh boy, was that a disaster! Mariah threw the computer that was playing it via speakers out the window!

“Seriously, she just trashed it. She ran out of the room screaming.”

“So the night was obviously finished for James, and they retreated to separate parts of the house. And she had a few glasses of wine to cool down.”

Apparently Mimi is so obsessed with her own songs that she forced ex-husband Nick Cannon to listen to her tracks while they were in bed.

The America’s Got Talent host recently revealed on a talk show: Can you imagine having sex with Mariah Carey while Mariah Carey is playing in the back?”

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