Pamela Andrews, 31, posted a nude pic on Instagram.
Pamela Andrews, 31, posted a nude pic on Instagram.
French husband Cedric Thivilon with Pam.
French husband Cedric Thivilon with Pam.
Pam Andrews might be gone but she’s making bleddie sure she’s not forgotten.

The Heideveld star relocated to Europe in July last year to be with her hubby Cedric Thivilon, who’s a French civil engineer.

When she jetted out of SA she promised that she would stay in showbiz, ready to make her mark on the international scene.

But all we’ve seen from Pam thus far is her regular social media updates of life in London.

Last week the flamboyant actress was up to her old tricks, posting naked photos on Instagram.

But it seems the 31-year old singer and actress couldn’t handle the heat, and quickly deleted it.

“Old habits die hard,” she captioned it, a joke about all the nude pictures she’s posted on social media in the past.

In the deleted picture, Pam has one hand over her mouth and the other hand between her legs.

Tattoos on her bum and hip are visible.

She appears to be a stay at home mom for now, looking after her son Cedric Jnr.

Her Instagram followers are regularly treated to selfies of her dropping him off and picking him up at school.

But Pam will probably have to turn down her naughty side if she ever wants to come back to the SA entertainment industry.

Rumour has it that it was her X-rated selfies that got her fired from soapie Rhythm City, although this was never officially confirmed.