HAPPIER TIMES: Linda Matsolo and Lexi

Former Big Brother contestant Lexi went “super coloured and psycho” on social media this week.

The reality star aired her dirty laundry on Twitter, and trashed an old gal pal so badly dat die see haar nie kan afwas nie.

Lexi, whose real name is Brumilda van Niekerk, had a onbeskofte rant against her ex-friend, Linda Matsolo, in which she accused Linda of smaaking her berk Mandla, owing her money and sleeping around with married men to get cash.

Her rant trended on Wednesday night.

Yesterday, Linda told The Juice she’s quitting social media for now and seeking legal advice.

Lexi, whose reality show with Mandla is in its second season, apparently moered Linda for trying to hook up with Mandla.

In a series of tweets to @LindaMatsolo, she started: “I’ve kept quiet 4 too long.Lemme make U trend so you don’t have to run to married men&beg for R18k coz you couldn’t pay rent.”

“Came to my house & was unapologetically j**s. With my man. When I confronted you in the car you acted like nah.

She told Linda to tell mense “How you’re the reason my relationship is f*****. Coz you couldn’t salivate enough over Mandla.”

“Make sure you return my stuff. And money. Or maybe I shouldn’t worry coz I have R12k. Yip...”

Linda has hit back, saying Lexi’s rant was a crass attempt to boost ratings.

She told The Juice although they were no longer friends, she was invited to do a diary session for Mandla and Lexi.

“Lexi saw highlights of the session before the show on Wednesday night and started lashing out at me on Twitter,” says Linda.

“Following which, I want to state that I do not owe her any money nor am I interested in her boyfriend. I feel like I have been bullied on social media in an apparent attempt to boost ratings for the TV show. I believe that there are other ways to handle things and I am staying off social media and seeking legal advice.”