Scones and Jam Picture supplied by All Gold
Yesterday the world celebrated national scone day.

I don’t like this particular cake/biscuit, never did, but I do love the smell of freshly baked scones.

There is something nostalgic about the smell of scones that almost makes me regret not eating them. It’s strange. I know.

When I think of scones, it reminds me of my late grandmother’s longtime friend, Aunty Gertie, who loved scones. She probably still does.

I think about the time my gran and I visited aunty Gertie many, many years ago and she served us scones on a plate with red jam and cheese.

It was the first time I saw that combination, but it was also the first time I had seen anyone enjoy a dry cookie the way Aunty Gertie did, savouring every last krummel.

She was in scone heaven.

Since then, I always associated scones with my late ouma and her friends and their teatime chats.

Truth is, no tea party is complete without a scone.

Celebrity chef Jenny Morris agreed these much-loved melt-innie-mond cakes almost always bring back fond childhood memories for everyone.

 TAKING ME BACK: Celebrity chef Jenny Morris believes every family has some fond Sunday 
memories involving tasty scones and  tea

“I think every family has a memory associated with scones, they are easy to make and bake so fast,” she says.

“I love scones. The smell brings back memories of cream teas on a Sunday and the smell of my gran’s perfume of violets.

“She used to hug me as she sat me down in front of a plate of warm fragrant orange scones straight from the oven, I loved the smell of her and the scones.”

The Giggling Gourmet also shares her tips on making the perfect scone.

“My mother always used to sift her flour twice and used buttermilk in her scones because she believed it made them lighter,” she says.

“I believe her because it has always worked for me.

“She used to say don’t over mix the dough, handle it lightly, and dip your cutter into flour. It will give you a nice clean cut and if you are using butter in your scones, make sure it is nice and cold.”

Happy belated National Scone Day!